Kenneth W. Johnson
Loop characters

Comment.Math.Univ.Carolinae 41,2 (2000) 271-281.

Abstract:A survey of the basic results of loop characters is given on the lines of the treatment of the author and J.D.H. Smith for characters of quasigroups, including some recent deveploments. One of the successes of the theory has been its suggestive influence on the theory of association schemes, group representations and the theory of the group determinant, and selected results arising are described. A section is devoted to an explanation of how the tool of loop characters has not yet been as startlingly successful as that of the early theory of group characters. This may be because in the loop case more is needed than characters and some suggestions are put forward in this direction.

Keywords: loop, character, association scheme
AMS Subject Classification: Primary 20N05; Secondary 05E30, 19A22, 20C99