Constancio Hern\'andez
Condensations of Tychonoff universal topological algebras

Comment.Math.Univ.Carolinae 42,3 (2001) 529-533.

Abstract:Let $(L,\Cal T)$ be a Tychonoff (regular) paratopological group or algebra over a field or ring $K$ or a topological semigroup. If $nw(L,\Cal T)\leq \tau $ and $nw(K)\leq \tau $, then there exists a Tychonoff (regular) topology $\Cal T^*\subseteq \Cal T$ such that $w(L,\Cal T^*)\leq \tau $ and $(L,\Cal T^*)$ is a paratopological group, algebra over $K$ or a topological semigroup respectively.

Keywords: universal algebra, paratopological group, topological group
AMS Subject Classification: Primary 54H11, 22A05; Secondary 22D05, 54C50