Roger Yue Chi Ming
On $p$-injectivity, YJ-injectivity and quasi-Frobeniusean rings

Comment.Math.Univ.Carolinae 43,1 (2002) 33-42.

Abstract:A new characteristic property of von Neumann regular rings is proposed in terms of annihilators of elements. An ELT fully idempotent ring is a regular ring whose simple left (or right) modules are either injective or projective. Artinian rings are characterized in terms of Noetherian rings. Strongly regular rings and rings whose two-sided ideals are generated by central idempotents are characterized in terms of special annihilators. Quasi-Frobeniusean rings are characterized in terms of $p$-injectivity. Also, a commutative YJ-injective ring with maximum condition on annihilators and finitely generated socle is quasi-Frobeniusean.

Keywords: von Neumann regular, $V$-ring, Artinian ring, $p$-injectivity, YJ-injectivity, quasi-Frobeniusean
AMS Subject Classification: 16D30, 16D36, 16D50