Ekkehard Kr\"atzel
Lattice points in some special three-dimensional convex bodies with points of Gaussian curvature zero at the boundary

Comment.Math.Univ.Carolinae 43,4 (2002) 755-771.

Abstract:We investigate the number of lattice points in special three-dimensional convex bodies. They are called convex bodies of pseudo revolution, because we have in one special case a body of revolution and in another case even a super sphere. These bodies have lines at the boundary, where all points have {\relax \eightsmc Gaussian} curvature zero. We consider the influence of these points to the lattice rest in the asymptotic representation of the number of lattice points.

Keywords: convex bodies, lattice points, points with {\relax \eightsmc Gaussian} curvature zero
AMS Subject Classification: 11P21, 11H06