Benjamin Cahen
Berezin-Weyl quantization for Cartan motion groups

Comment.Math.Univ.Carolin. 52,1 (2011) 127-137.

Abstract:We construct adapted Weyl correspondences for the unitary irreducible representations of the Cartan motion group of a noncompact semisimple Lie group by using the method introduced in [B. Cahen, {\it Weyl quantization for semidirect products\/}, Differential Geom. Appl. {\bf 25} (2007), 177--190].

Keywords: semidirect product, Cartan motion group, unitary representation, semisimple Lie group, symplectomorphism, coadjoint orbit, Weyl quantization, Berezin quantization
AMS Subject Classification: 22E45 22E46 22E70 22E15 81S10 81R05