S. S. Gabriyelyan
On extensions of bounded subgroups in Abelian groups

Comment.Math.Univ.Carolin. 55,2 (2014) 175-188.

Abstract:It is well-known that every bounded Abelian group is a direct sum of finite cyclic subgroups. We characterize those non-trivial bounded subgroups $H$ of an infinite Abelian group $G$, for which there is an infinite subgroup $G_0$ of $G$ containing $H$ such that $G_0$ has a special decomposition into a direct sum which takes into account the properties of $G$, and which induces a natural decomposition of $H$ into a direct sum of finite subgroups.

Keywords: Abelian group; bounded group; simple extension
AMS Subject Classification: 20K21 20K27