Mouna Aboras
Dihedral-like constructions of automorphic loops

Comment.Math.Univ.Carolin. 55,3 (2014) 269-284.

Abstract:Automorphic loops are loops in which all inner mappings are automorphisms. We study a generalization of the dihedral construction for groups. Namely, if $(G,+)$ is an abelian group, $m\geq 1$ and $\alpha \in \operatorname{Aut}(G)$, let $\operatorname{Dih} (m,G,\alpha )$ be defined on $\mathbb Z_m\times G$ by \begin{equation*} (i,u)(j,v) = (i\oplus j,\,((-1)^{j}u + v)\alpha^{ij}). \end{equation*} The resulting loop is automorphic if and only if $m=2$ or ($\alpha^2=1$ and $m$ is even). The case $m=2$ was introduced by Kinyon, Kunen, Phillips, and Vojt\v{e}chovsk\'y. We present several structural results about the automorphic dihedral loops in both cases.

Keywords: dihedral automorphic loop; automorphic loop; inner mapping group; multiplication group; nucleus; commutant; center; commutator; associator subloop; derived subloop
AMS Subject Classification: 20N05