Alessandro Fedeli
On the $k$-Baire property

Comment.Math.Univ.Carolinae 34,3 (1993) 525-527.

Abstract:In this note we show the following theorem: ``Let $X$ be an almost $k$-discrete space, where $k$ is a regular cardinal. Then $X$ is $k^+$-Baire iff it is a $k$-Baire space and every point-$k$ open cover $\Cal U$ of $X$ such that $ card (\Cal U)\leq k$ is locally-$k$ at a dense set of points.'' For $k=\aleph _0$ we obtain a well-known characterization of Baire spaces. The case $k=\aleph _1$ is also discussed.

Keywords: $k$-Baire, almost $k$-discrete, point-$k$, locally-$k$
AMS Subject Classification: 54E52, 54E65, 54G99