Salvador Garc\'\i a-Ferreira, Angel Tamariz-Mascar\'ua
$p$-sequential like properties in function spaces

Comment.Math.Univ.Carolinae 35,4 (1994) 753-771.

Abstract:We introduce the properties of a space to be strictly $WFU(M)$ or strictly $SFU(M)$, where $\emptyset \not =M\subset \omega ^{\ast }$, and we analyze them and other generalizations of $p$-sequentiality ($p\in \omega ^{\ast }$) in Function Spaces, such as Kombarov's weakly and strongly $M$-sequentiality, and Kocinac's $WFU(M)$ and $SFU(M)$-properties. We characterize these in $C_\pi (X)$ in terms of cover-properties in $X$; and we prove that weak $M$-sequentiality is equivalent to $WFU(L(M))$-property, where $L(M)=\{{}^{\lambda }p:\lambda <\omega _1$ and $p\in M\}$, in the class of spaces which are $p$-compact for every $p\in M\subset \omega ^{\ast }$; and that $C_\pi (X)$ is a $WFU(L(M))$-space iff $X$ satisfies the $M$-version $\delta _M$ of Gerlitz and Nagy's property $\delta $. We also prove that if $C_\pi (X)$ is a strictly $WFU(M)$-space (resp., $WFU(M)$-space and every $RK$-predecessor of $p\in M$ is rapid), then $X$ satisfies $C''$ (resp., $X$ is zero-dimensional), and, if in addition, $X\subset \Bbb R$, then $X$ has strong measure zero (resp., $X$ has measure zero), and we conclude that $C_\pi (\Bbb R)$ is not $p$-sequential if $p\in \omega ^{\ast }$ is selective. Furthermore, we show: (a) if $p\in \omega ^{\ast }$ is selective, then $C_\pi (X)$ is an $FU(p)$-space iff $C_\pi (X)$ is a strictly $WFU(T(p))$-space, where $T(p)$ is the set of $RK$-equivalent ultrafilters of $p$; and (b) $p\in \omega ^{\ast }$ is semiselective iff the subspace $\omega \cup \{p\}$ of $\beta \omega $ is a strictly $WFU(T(P))$-space. Finally, we study these properties in $C_\pi (Z)$ when $Z$ is a topological product of spaces.

Keywords: selective, semiselective and rapid ultrafilter; Rudin-Keisler order; weakly $M$-sequential, strongly $M$-sequential, $WFU(M)$-space, $SFU(M)$-space, strictly $WFU(M)$-space, strictly $SFU(M)$-space; countable strong fan tightness, Id-fan tightness, property $C''$, measure zero
AMS Subject Classification: 04A20, 54C40, 54D55