M. Fabian, M. Heisler, E. Matou\v skov\'a
Remarks on continuous images of Radon-Nikod\'ym compacta

Comment.Math.Univ.Carolinae 39,1 (1998) 59-69.

Abstract:A family of compact spaces containing continuous images of Radon-Nikod\'ym compacta is introduced and studied. A family of Banach spaces containing subspaces of Asplund generated (i.e., GSG) spaces is introduced and studied. Further, for a continuous image of a Radon-Nikod\'ym compact $K$ we prove: If $K$ is totally disconnected, then it is Radon-Nikod\'ym compact. If $K$ is adequate, then it is even Eberlein compact.

Keywords: Asplund generated space, continuous image of Radon-Nikod\'ym compact, totally disconnected compact, adequate compact, Eberlein compact
AMS Subject Classification: 46B22