Oleg Pavlov
Condensations of Cartesian products

Comment.Math.Univ.Carolinae 40,2 (1999) 355-365.

Abstract:We consider when one-to-one continuous mappings can improve normality-type and compactness-type properties of topological spaces. In particular, for any Tychonoff non-pseudocompact space $X$ there is a $\mu $ such that $X^\mu $ can be condensed onto a normal ($\sigma $-compact) space if and only if there is no measurable cardinal. For any Tychonoff space $X$ and any cardinal $\nu $ there is a Tychonoff space $M$ which preserves many properties of $X$ and such that any one-to-one continuous image of $M^\mu $, $\mu \leq \nu $, contains a closed copy of $X^\mu $. For any infinite compact space $K$ there is a normal space $X$ such that $X\times K$ cannot be mapped one-to-one onto a normal space.

Keywords: condensation, one-to-one, compact, measurable
AMS Subject Classification: 54C10, 54A10