Ond\v rej Kalenda
Embedding of the ordinal segment $[0,\omega _1]$ into continuous images of Valdivia compacta

Comment.Math.Univ.Carolinae 40,4 (1999) 777-783.

Abstract:We prove in particular that a continuous image of a Valdivia compact space is Corson provided it contains no homeomorphic copy of the ordinal segment $[0,\omega _1]$. This generalizes a result of R. Deville and G. Godefroy who proved it for Valdivia compact spaces. We give also a refinement of their result which yields a pointwise version of retractions on a Valdivia compact space.

Keywords: Corson compact space, Valdivia compact space, continuous image, ordinal segment
AMS Subject Classification: 54C05, 54D30