Libu\v se \v St\v epni\v ckov\'a
Pointwise and locally uniform convergence of holomorphic and harmonic functions

Comment.Math.Univ.Carolinae 40,4 (1999) 665-677.

Abstract:We shall characterize the sets of locally uniform convergence of pointwise convergent sequences. Results obtained for sequences of holomorphic functions by Hartogs and Rosenthal in 1928 will be generalized for many other sheaves of functions. In particular, our Hartogs-Rosenthal type theorem holds for the sheaf of solutions to the second order elliptic PDE's as well as it has applications to the theory of harmonic spaces.

Keywords: Osgood's theorem, approximation, maximum principle, harmonic space, elliptic PDE's
AMS Subject Classification: 31B05, 30E10, 35J99, 31D05