Néjib Ben Salem, Walid Nefzi
Images of some functions and functional spaces under the Dunkl-Hermite semigroup

Comment.Math.Univ.Carolin. 54,3 (2013) 345-365.

Abstract:We propose the study of some questions related to the Dunkl-Hermite semigroup. Essentially, we characterize the images of the Dunkl-Hermite-Sobolev space, $\mathcal{S}(\mathbb{R})$ and $L^p_\alpha(\mathbb{R})$, $1

Keywords: Dunkl-Hermite functions; Dunkl-Hermite semigroup; Dunkl-Hermite-Sobolev space
AMS Subject Classification: 42B25 46E35 47B38 47D03