Thorsten Wißmann, Stefan Milius, Shin-ya Katsumata, Jérémy Dubut
A coalgebraic view on reachability

Comment.Math.Univ.Carolin. 60,4 (2019) 605-638.

Abstract:Coalgebras for an endofunctor provide a category theoretic framework for modeling a wide range of state-based systems of various types. We provide an iterative construction of the reachable part of a given pointed coalgebra that is inspired by and resembles the standard breadth-first search procedure to compute the reachable part of a graph. We also study coalgebras in Kleisli categories: for a functor extending a functor on the base category, we show that the reachable part of a given pointed coalgebra can be computed in that base category.

Keywords: coalgebra; reachability; Kleisli category

DOI: DOI 10.14712/1213-7243.2019.026
AMS Subject Classification: 18A99 18B20 68Q99